Visual FoxPro Application
Modernization Services

Visual FoxPro (VFP) is a well-known product of Microsoft ecosystem that supports a rapid app development. In the middle of 90s, it was frequently used to build data-centric desktop applications for various industries. Since then, technology moved further enough, and Visual FoxPro modernization became a real need.

Visual Fox Pro

Why Should You Update the Visual FoxPro App?

Microsoft, the parent company, declined the support of Visual FoxPro in 2008.

It means security flaws could suddenly occurred to every company who has its legacy system written on VFP.

Necessary Updates to Windows Could Break the App

It Isn’t Compatible with Modern 64-bit Operating Systems

Data Could Be Easily Compromised Due to a File-based Database Structure

Visual FoxPro
Modernization Services

Migrate or Maintain Visual FoxPro App?

Outdated VFP app could cover business needs to some extent. However, with years, its maintenance become more and more expensive. Calculations are quite simple — the system requires specific hardware, and licenses for old databases, or libraries. Supporting those apps are like pulling a dead weight for centuries. But there some good news too.

Owners of Visual FoxPro solutions could reap the benefit of these legacy applications following 2 ways:

  • make improvements,
  • or think of migrating to a stable platform.

Our Approach on Dealing with
Legacy Visual FoxPro System

No one wants to totally replace legacy apps. It’s a risky option that threatens the surge of costs. But, in a nutshell, every modern app must correspond to such criteria:

  • snowflake Security and privacy
  • snowflake Interoperability
  • snowflake Web-enablement
  • snowflake Mobility
  • snowflake Inexpensive and automated deployment

Visual FoxPro environment unable to address those needs. As a reliable legacy modernization company, ModLogix modernize and migrate VFP apps preserving business logic and reducing risk.

Visual FoxPro Application Modernization

Modernization is indeed the best path to makeover legacy systems. It doesn’t require big upfront investments or “big-bang” releases. Depending on your needs, a qualified vendor supports the old system, while broadening app's capabilities. Source code and initial structure remains the same in the meantime. In such a way, business owns commercially viable software.


Web and Mobile Enablement of VFP Apps


HTML-based interface


Integration with Third-party Systems


Extended functionality through C++, C#

Visual FoxPro Migration

Migration is a more radical approach to legacy VFP apps. Mostly, companies rely on conversion tools that automatically transfer FoxPro code to the new .NET platform. However, this cannot be considered as a holistic approach as far as it requires a lot of cleans-up.

If you decide on migration, ask a consultation from an experienced provider that will ensure a trouble-shoot process.

Our Visual FoxPro migration services:

  • Visual FoxPro to .NET Migration
  • Visual FoxPro Migration to Java
  • Visual FoxPro to SQL Server Migration
  • Visual FoxPro to MySQL Migration
  • Extract and use FoxPro data
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VB.NET Application Modernization Services

ModLogix assists companies in dealing with Visual Basic (VB) software products. Our experts offer up-to-date techniques to modernize and upgrade VB applications to a stable, scalable, and secure web solutions.


Why Clients Choose Us

ModLogix, a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, offers exclusive services — transformation of existing software that currently in use. Established in 2014, we have honed our skills with Visual FoxPro, VB.NET, C#, and other Microsoft tools.

Industry Experts

Legacy languages such as FoxPro are not trendy, but our developers know their business. Working on real-life projects for seven years, they’ll guide you on a way to success.

.NET Stack as a Domain Expertise

As a premium Microsoft partner, we design software products with the help of the newest .NET tools and the highest level of support.

Reaching for Excellence

We have a strong corporate culture standing behind every project. It’s not a meaningless phrase for us, as superb quality and high level of communication are our top priorities.

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