Visual Basic Development Services

ModLogix assists companies in dealing with Visual Basic (VB) software products. Our experts offer up-to-date techniques to upgrade existing VB applications to a stable, scalable, and secure solution. 

We know that a regular Visual Basic system may suffer from:

an uncertain future for VB.NET language 

system interoperability challenges 

technical talent shortage 

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Migrate or Maintain?

The owners of VB solutions are trying to get rid of some system limitations.


There’s a question: migrate to the newer .NET that stands for radical changes, or maintain the existing system.

If you are on a budget, the system is viable and corresponds to business needs, it’s more reasonable to make slight improvements that are not worth millions. After all, migration may not fully meet your expectations.

Our Unique and Cost-Effective Approach to Modernization 

Vendors who work with VB solutions usually offer billion-dollar contracts lasting for several years. And what do you get? Unmet deadlines and useless features. We overcome these sad scenarios!   

Our approach is to split the system into independent parts for a consistent transfer to the web while retaining the core functionality. And now, you receive a working VB.NET platform and new features, one by one, that meet your budget. No hidden costs or dragged-out development processes. 

Your Personal Benefits::

  • Early start with minimal investments
  • Quick and tangible outcomes
  • Rapid payback due to feature-driven development
  • Working features delivered within a schedule (due to an agile approach)

What You’ll Get?

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Competitive advantage

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Low-risk development

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Solution within a budget

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Improved operational activity

About Us

ModLogix, a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, specializes exclusively in one service — transformation of existing software that currently in use Established in 2014, we have honed our skills with VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, and other Microsoft tools. 

Why clients choose us:


Industry Experts

For almost seven years, we’ve been working on the most challenging modernization projects. From startups to enterprises, we craft your unique way of reaching excellence. 


Industry Experts

As a premium Microsoft partner, we design software products with the help of the newest .NET tools and the highest level of support. 


Industry Experts

Our team is always on your side in making the most important decisions. We are very proud to become true partners and advisers to our clients. 


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