Upgrade Your Visual Basic App
with Minimal Investments

We offer quick and easy ways to modernize your desktop and VB web solutions.

Add new features to your current desktop
or web solutions

We expand VB apps through C# modules to provide you with the necessary functionality within the existing solution.

Plug in a web interface to your current desktop solutions

We create web portals and pages that are connected to the core of your desktop platform.


We expand the functionality of the VB platform by enabling mobile access.

Set a budget for modernization and discover the opportunities:

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    We are Your Modernization Partner

    ModLogix, a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, specializes in one service exclusively — the transformation of existing software without putting business processes on hold.


    years of clients


    Industry-leading professionals

    Unique and
    Cost-Effective Approach

    We apply an agile approach to deliver the updated solution in the shortest timeframe.

    Specifically, we split the system into independent parts and transition them to the web separately. This way, the current app can be used during the transformation, and you avoid work disruptions and save resources

    You’ll Get

    A jump start with minimal investments

    24-hour support during the modernization

    Rapid payback due to feature-driven development

    Working features delivered within a schedule

    Did You Know?

    Microsoft warned that it will no longer evolve Visual Basic as a programming language since 2020 except for support.

    It means the VB environment will lack new striking features in the upcoming .NET release.

    How it affects businesses as well? We think this will exacerbate the problem of VB developers' outflow. So, it’s the right time to find a reliable partner.

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