Migrate Your AngularJS App to Angular with Proven Experts

By December 2021, Google will stop supporting the AngularJS framework. That means AngularJS apps will become more vulnerable to cyberattacks, thus making them incapable of satisfying business needs.

Migrate Your AngularJS App to Angular with Proven Experts

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    Why Should You Migrate from AngularJS Now?

    AngularJS apps could threaten your business in the following ways


    Unpatched frameworks can endanger general business flow


    Limited functionality can risk overall productivity


    Poor user experience may affect end-users and ROI


    Expensive maintenance of this application can drain IT budgets


    Missing third-party libraries might prevent the IT department from having a smooth development process


    The shrinking talent pool could make it difficult to find developers able to support AngularJS code

    ModLogix helps companies to upgrade their AngularJS apps and eliminate migration-related risks.

    Benefits of Angular vs. AngularJS

    Developers availability
    Overall Performance
    Tool Support
    Support mode
    General Upgrades
    Visible reduction in performance as the system grows bigger
    Most third-party tools becoming unusable and irrelevant to satisfy modern development needs
    Becoming obsolete
    An upgrade to the new version requires massive rewriting
    Available only for mobile development
    Difficult to maintain
    5x faster than AngularJS
    CLI is able to build, test, and run projects simultaneously
    Constantly upgraded
    Only requires a simple update process without the need to change the source code globally
    Mobile-driven approach allows to create native mobile apps
    Includes diverse features to easily maintain software

    AngularJS to Angular Upgrade Process In Detail

    Since AngularJS and Angular are completely different frameworks, we created our unique approach to rewrite legacy systems – we use an incremental upgrade. Feature by feature, we roll out the updated software in conjunction with supporting the old one.

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    Latest AngularJS Projects by ModLogix

    AngularJS to Angular 9 Case Study

    We upgraded the large enterprise system to Angular 9 as we boosted the system performance by 123%, and optimized 61K lines of AngularJS code.

    AngularJS to Angular 11 Case Study

    Our latest work on AngularJS to Angular 11 migration involved backend upgrade from .NET Framework to .NET Core and system redesign.

    Download the full case studies

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      Why Clients Choose Us to Upgrade Their Software Products?

      Being a trusted software modernization vendor, we offer our clients the #1 rated AngularJS app development services in the USA.


      years of experience


      skilled developers


      years average length of client engagement

      Top-notch Angular Developers

      We have dedicated professionals to match all your Angular web or application development needs. Our AngularJS UI developers have hands-on experience with real projects from various industries.

      Proven Track Record

      As the Angular agency, ModLogix has been providing end-to-end development services to small, medium and large-scale businesses for over 8 years. We use latest Angular tools and techniques to deliver first-class products.

      Open Communication

      Throughout the development process, we offer fully transparent terms of cooperation so that you can meet the business goals much faster. Our team utilizes up-to-date tools to set effective collaboration.

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