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.NET Application Migration Services

As technology evolves, staying current is not an option but a necessity. Upgrade your application with ModLogix .NET Migration Services to remain competitive. We can help you whether you want to update old systems, boost performance, or use the latest .NET features. Trust ModLogix for a smooth migration, ensuring your Dot NET applications are future-ready.

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.NET Application Migration Services

Our .NET
Migration Services


.NET Framework to .NET Core

Switching to .NET Core from the .NET framework is beneficial. DOT NET core is an open-source, cross-platform framework that improves performance and flexibility. Businesses can enhance customer service by migrating. Our experts provide error-free .NET Framework to .NET Core Migration Services.


Web to Mobile App Migration

Today, having a mobile app is important for businesses. We offer migration services to help you move your web app to a mobile. This ensures a smooth experience for your on-the-go users. We create intuitive cross-platform apps that work on both iOS and Android devices.


Migration of Legacy Application to ASP.Net Core

Outdated applications can hinder innovation. ModLogix specializes in upgrading legacy apps to the modern ASP.NET Core framework. Our legacy upgrade service will enhance flexibility and scalability without compromising data integrity.


ASP to ASP.NET Migration

Upgrade from traditional ASP to ASP.NET for improved performance, security, and productivity. Our experts follow a proven process to ensure a seamless ASP to ASP.NET upgrade. This service helps you unlock the full potential of your ASP application.


Desktop-to-Web Migration

If your organization still uses desktop apps, we can help bring them to the web. This transition makes it easier for people to use your application from anywhere. Our team ensures a seamless transition, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.


ASP.NET MVC Migration to Core

ASP.NET MVC is a popular framework for making web apps. Yet, businesses need to upgrade as technology changes. Here at ModLogix, we offer ASP.NET MVC migration services to help you move your MVC apps to ASP.NET Core. Trust us for a smooth transition and better performance.

Benefits Of Our Migration Services

Easy Updates and Maintenance

Our migration services transform applications for the cloud. They make apps adaptable to Azure or AWS by using cloud-native features. This boosts flexibility and efficiency, saving costs in cloud deployment.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Switching to newer ASP.NET versions, such as ASP.NET Core, enables apps to run on different systems. This includes Windows, Linux, and macOS. ASP.NET Core ensures steady performance on all these platforms.

Cloud-Ready Architecture

Our migration services transform applications for the cloud. They make apps adaptable to Azure or AWS by using cloud-native features. This boosts flexibility and efficiency, saving costs in cloud deployment.

Performance and Scalability

Switching to .NET delivers improved performance, scalability, and security. Migrating leverages the latest frameworks, making your system faster and more efficient. Your applications can handle more work and user requests better.

Web APIs for Enhanced Integration

Businesses using web APIs need our services. ASP.NET facilitates RESTful APIs, making data creation, consumption, and manipulation easier. It offers authentication, authorization, and error handling for streamlined web API development.

Upgrade your web applications today with our efficient migration services.

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Our .NET Application Migration Process

Our migration services follow clear steps for a smooth and high-quality project. The steps include.

Industries We Serve

Marketing & Research


We work with technology companies to migrate their legacy systems to .NET. This move is key to leveraging the full potential of the framework. It provides a solid foundation for developing high-performance software applications. It also helps them meet the demands of their customers better.


Banks and financial institutions deal with sensitive data daily. Migrating to .NET ensures systems are up-to-date, secure, and reliable. We provide a robust platform for developing financial applications. By partnering with us, organizations can enhance their service delivery.


We assist healthcare organizations in digitizing medical records. This enhances the availability of patient information and analytics for predictive healthcare. It also improves patient care, streamlines operations, and enhances clinical decision-making.

Marketing and Research

Upgrading to .NET frameworks can help marketing and research companies enhance processing capabilities. The result? Improving campaign management and optimizing data-driven decision-making processes. ModLogix can assist in this area too. We deliver custom migration solutions to meet the needs of the data-driven sector.


ModLogix provides services to e-commerce operators to enhance competitiveness. We understand e-commerce challenges and offer solutions to meet these needs. Our solution enhances website performance, improves security, and provides a seamless shopping experience.


Pharmaceutical companies must follow strict rules and manage data well. Switching to .NET can help and this is where ModLogix comes in. We offer services designed for the pharmaceutical sector. Our services help clients deliver life-saving drugs and meet industry standards.


We simplify insurance systems by moving them to. NET. This framework is secure, integrates well, and offers the flexibility insurers need. It helps insurance companies improve customer service, streamline claims processing, and reduce risks.

Connect with ModLogix to transform your industry through seamless ASP.NET migration.

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Features Of .NET Migration Services

Boost your business with reliable ASP.NET migration. Here are some of the key features to expect.

Harness these features and boost your business.

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Client Testimonial

Hear what clients have to say about our services at ModLogix. Read real testimonials and success stories.

Our Clients
We are proud partners of some of the leading brands in the world.
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Why Clients Choose Us?

Migrate your web application with our ASP.Net Migration Service. Here's why: 

Wealth of Experience

ModLogix has been providing software modernization for over 10 years. As a DOT NET migration company, we have enough experience to handle any project. Our proactive and innovative approach will ensure precise and efficient execution. Leverage our wealth of knowledge, saving time and resources.

Exceptional Developers

We boast some of the best developers in the industry. Their expertise ensures a seamless migration with minimal disruption to business operations.


Transparency is our watchword here at ModLogix. We keep our clients informed all through their projects. Our progress reports allow clients to stay informed and ensure a seamless migration.

Gold Microsoft Partners

ModLogix is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality services and technical expertise. As a Gold Partner, ModLogix has access to the latest tools and resources from Microsoft. It enables us to offer the best possible solutions for ASP.NET migration projects. full safety of their data as well as collaboration based on a client-centric approach.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customers are of utmost importance and we want them to be happy all the time. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns. We are with you every step of the way to ensure a successful migration.

Make your applications future-proof with our software modernization and migration services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does .NET migration address legacy systems and outdated technology stacks?

Migration helps address issues related to legacy systems by modernizing outdated technology stacks. It transfers applications to the .NET framework, which is more current and supported. This ensures improved performance, security, and access to modern development tools.

Can you ensure a seamless .NET transition without disrupting ongoing business operations?
Yes. Our service delivers a smooth transition that does not disrupt ongoing business operations. Careful planning, testing, and a phased implementation strategy will cut risks and downtime. Businesses can continue operations during migration.
What types of applications are most suitable for migration to the .NET framework?
Different applications are suitable for migration to the .NET framework. Legacy applications and traditional ASP-built web applications are good candidates. Any application that can gain from. NET's enhanced features are eligible for migration.
How much time is needed to finish my ASP.NET Migration project?
The duration for your ASP.NET migration project varies based on its size and complexity. Smaller projects take a few weeks, while larger ones may need several months. Contact us for a precise timeline.

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