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Angular Upgrade Services

Secure your software products using our AngularJS migration services. Having extensive expertise in Angular, we upgrade legacy AngularJS apps to scalable and robust platforms hassle-free

AngularJS is over, let’s move to the future.

AngularJS Development Company

Why Should You Migrate AngularJS App to Angular?

AngularJS reached the end of support in December 2021,
meaning no security patches or support for existing solutions.

This leaves no choice but to migrate from AngularJS to more stable and latest Angular version frameworks in the immediate future. Furthermore, the longer you stick to unpatched solutions, the more security concerns or data breaches you might have to tackle.

Angular benefits:

Cross-platform compatibility

Constant updates

Seamless app performance

Better architecture and Code consistency

Tooling support and Easier maintenance

ModLogix’ Best Practices for Upgrading AngularJS Application

Check out our curated guide on upgrading AngularJS to Angular

AngularJS to Angular Migration Process

There’s no one-fit-size-all approach when it comes to Angular migration and upgrading services. These Angular versions are utterly different frameworks, so, in most cases, the project turns into a complete rewrite from AngularJS.

At ModLogix, we offer incremental rewriting of AngularJS software, allowing the co-existence of new Angular and AngularJS side by side. How is this implemented? Look at the intermediate scheme of our Angular upgrading services.

Software audit and assessment

  • Checking the tech stack and tools used in the project
  • Proceeding with business requirements, business logic, and documentation
  • Defining prior software modules and change detection
  • Preparing code structure for the upcoming upgrade


  • Creating the new target system with Angular and running legacy AngularJS in parallel
  • Implementing CLI and setting up routing
  • Choosing suitable libraries for the new system based on its specifics and the initial stack
  • Recreating modules in Angular framework according to priority, adding up new features


  • Introducing manual or automated testing
  • Setting up CI/CD

Run in production

  • Timely delivery to production
  • Processing user feedback and introducing changes on the go
  • Maintaining software for the long run

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Our Angular Migration Services Include

Many organizations still use AngularJS for enterprise applications, SaaS platforms, and other custom solutions. However, the outdated technology might disrupt business processes any minute now.

Companies shouldn’t bear this risk. For this reason, we help them terminate AngularJS and switch to Angular. Some of the Angular upgrade services we offer include;

  • Frontend Web App Development
  • Backend Upgrades
  • Angular App Testing Services
  • Angular Development for Mobile Apps
  • Single Page Applications Development
  • Angular support and maintenance

and Tools We Use

  • Frontend Technologies
  • Backend Frameworks
  • Queue
  • Data Management
  • Cloud Computing Platforms


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AngularJS to Angular Migration Case Studies

Check out our fresh AngularJS case studies showcasing Angular migration services!

Why Clients Choose Us

Being a trusted software modernization vendor, we offer our clients premium AngularJS app development services in USA.

Top-notch Angular Developers

We have dedicated professionals to match all your Angular web or application development needs. In addition, our Angular developers have hands-on experience with real projects from various industries.

Proven Track Record

As an Angular agency, ModLogix has been providing end-to-end development services to small, medium and large-scale businesses for over 8 years. We use the latest Angular tools and techniques to deliver first-class applications.

Open Communication

Throughout the development process, we offer fully transparent terms of cooperation so that you can meet the business goals much faster. Our team utilizes up-to-date tools to set effective collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions before Modernization Projects Kick Off

Why migrate from AngularJS to Angular?

The support for AngularJS ended in December 2021. There are no more security patches and updates for web apps built with this Angular framework and any solutions using AngularJS face dire security risks⚠️.

Besides improved security, when you opt for Angular upgrade services, your web app gets more exciting features and a boost in performance. Additionally, the new version comes with superior architecture, structure, language, and tooling support. Also, it can be supported across mobile browsers and devices.

How long will it take to migrate from AngularJS to Angular?

This depends on the complexity and size of your application, the number of dependencies, the degree of customization you require, etc. Fortunately, with the right strategy and expertise, Angular migration service can be completed relatively quickly — in a few weeks to a few months.

With ModLogix Angular migration and upgrading services, you will be able to migrate your app seamlessly and efficiently with the help of our experienced developers. To ensure a smooth migration, the team will analyze your software’s existing code, identify any potential issues, and create a smooth and efficient migration plan.

Do you use Angular for the backend?

No. Angular is a front-end framework that is used to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces. On the backend, we may use third-party technologies like .NET, Node.js, PHP, Java, or Ruby on Rails, depending on your project requirements to create full-stack web applications.

Additionally, we have extensive experience developing custom APIs that integrate seamlessly with your Angular-based front-end application once the software detects a change.

Do you provide maintenance services?

Yes, we provide excellent Angular support and maintenance for your application to ensure it is secure and performance-optimized. This means that after your Angular upgrading services, we will constantly monitor your app to identify and fix any bugs. We also provide regular updates to keep your Angular apps up to date with the latest technologies.

In addition, we offer a range of other services that include cloud migration, software audit and assessment, desktop to web applications, architecture improvements, application upgrades, API integration, and re-engineering.

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