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We adeptly turn every challenge (no matter how big it is) into a feasible solution.

Project-based Engagement

Turnkey software modernization services that are fully headed by our company.

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Technology Consulting

Extensive consultation regarding your software systems with preliminary examination of code.

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Augment your in-house IT department with skilled software modernization experts.

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Dedicated Development Team

Assemble a professional team of top-rated engineers to work on particular tasks.

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Project-based Engagement

Is your software unstable or experiencing compatibility issues?

Our project-based engagement will ensure it functions optimally, restoring its former glory.

During initial consultations, our team of experts will seek to understand your business needs. We will assess the software's state, setting up an appropriate team. Our team will cover everything in-depth from detailed assessment and audit, day-to-day communication, and bug fixing to post-migration support. The services accorded will entirely depend on your unique needs.

need it if:
  • snowflake You don’t have an in-house development team
  • snowflake You want to reduce project complexity and mitigate related risks
  • snowflake You don’t have the required technical expertise
  • snowflake You have a large-scale project in mind
you’ll get?
  • snowflake Project delivery within the specified timeframe
  • snowflake Desired product quality
  • snowflake Cut expenses on recruitment (permanent employees)
  • snowflake Regular updates on the project's progress

Technology Consulting

Are you wondering whether it's time for a software upgrade?

Then technology consulting is what you need..
Undertaking AngularJS upgrade, Visual FoxPro, or VB.NET software migration is never a walk in the park. As such, you need proficient consultation services that will guide you on the best approaches for your case.

Our consulting services help you shape a successful digital transformation strategy focused on your business needs. We audit your software (databases, IT infrastructure complexity, etc.) and analyze its requirements against the available resources. Then, we select the ultimate software modernization approach that’ll meet your expectations and budget.

need it if:
  • snowflake You don't know what modernization approach is better for your software systems
  • snowflake You want to harness value from existing software
  • snowflake You need an independent consultation for your project
  • snowflake You need to find equivalents to libraries and tools like Docker Desktop alternatives or IdentityServer4 alternatives
you’ll get?
  • snowflake Software modernization approach fully customizable to your needs
  • snowflake Free code assessment for up to 3,000 lines of source code
  • snowflake Detailed software modernization roadmap from idea validation to solution delivery
  • snowflake Reduced wasted IT spendings

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Team Extension

If your IT department lacks qualified engineers to develop a project, then staff extension is what your company needs.

We will provide a team of professional developers with project-specific skills, to become part of your team for the time needed.

During the initial screening process, you will interview our software modernization experts to attest whether their expertise matches your development needs. We guarantee a smooth and foolproof recruitment process saving your HR unnecessary headaches and allowing you to save on administration costs.

need it if:
  • snowflake You need to scale your project fast
  • snowflake You need access to niche skills such as VB.NET or AngularJS experts
  • snowflake You want to have full control of project execution
  • snowflake You are ready to hand over recruitment processes
you’ll get?
  • snowflake Choose preferable employment model: full-time or part-time
  • snowflake Load off your internal IT department
  • snowflake Drive innovations in your project with new ideas
  • snowflake Minimize project-related risks

Dedicated Development Team

As opposed to the team extension model, the dedicated development team cooperation involves expanding your unit with a remote team.

That means development teams work side-by-side to build your software products and speed up the development process. In other cases, you can also hire a remote team to run the whole project, especially if you don’t have the internal resources to support additional in-house developers. This is a particularly highly-effective approach, especially for complex or long-term development projects.

We take care of sourcing appropriate engineers, establishing the workflow, and integrating the new division into the development process. Our service range is wide enough to cover all project-specific needs: from consulting and development to testing and UI/UX prototyping.

need it if:
  • snowflake You want to be fully engaged in the development process
  • snowflake You want to tap into stable and ready-to-use IT infrastructure
  • snowflake You don’t have resources to build an in-house team
  • snowflake You are particular about your requirements and scope of work
you’ll get?
  • snowflake Rapid product development
  • snowflake Full control over project process, milestones and outcomes
  • snowflake High quality applications
  • snowflake Tailored process and communication

Frequently Asked Questions before Modernization Projects Kick Off

How to choose a cooperation model for a software modernization project

The best way to define the most appropriate cooperation model for the project is to revise your available resources, project goals, and the complexity of your IT infrastructure. If you cannot handle more than 60% of the work alone, consider signing up for a project-based engagement model.

In other cases, you can also refer to professional agencies that will estimate the scope of work and advise you on a model that best fits your needs.

How to select the best agency for legacy software modernization. What’s the difference between in-house vs. outsourcing?

To find the best agency for legacy software modernization, you must confirm their expertise in the given niche, verify the company’s credibility (certification from reputable corporations), and learn if the application modernization services they offer apply to your current needs. You also need to go through their case studies and find out if they have worked on similar projects.

The main difference between in-house vs. outsourcing is the cost (outsourcing is always cheaper), risk involved, and your engagement in a project.

ModLogix is an experienced legacy modernization company that helps companies from various verticals upgrade their outdated software. For 8 years, we’ve been raising the value of solutions built with legacy Microsoft technologies, AngularJS and others.

Can I hire dedicated AngularJS developers for my project?

AngularJS developers at ModLogix will help you migrate or rewrite the legacy AngularJS app to the latest stable versions. Our developers possess hands-on experience in Angular projects that will help you accomplish the AngularJS upgrade successfully.

Additionally, we may enhance the team by adding professional QA engineers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and tech writers.

How can you tackle legacy system modernization with zero disruption?

To minimize any business disruption while migrating your software, you must first emphasize the planning stage. A good plan is critical, helping you predict project outcomes and meet deadlines and budgets.

At ModLogix, we recommend choosing a gradual (‘trickle’) migration approach that allows two systems – the old version and the upgraded one - to co-exist. This eliminates the need for business processes to come to a standstill to undertake enterprise application modernization.

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