ModLogix Rated by The Manifest as one of New York’s Top App Legacy Modernization Services for 2020

We just received exciting news here at ModLogix! Our team worked hard within a year, spent 39K hours delivering excellent services to our clients worldwide. And we get our prize – ModLogix is again listed as one of New York’s top legacy modernization services!

Legacy software modernization is an effective way to increase the business value of the solution that is developed using outdated technologies. Software systems, on average, become obsolete in 3-5 years. Thus, instead of replacing them, software modernization ensures a better user experience, stronger security, simpler integrations, and easy maintenance.

In the spike of pandemic and remote work, legacy system modernization is more important than ever for businesses to stay on top of trends. We’re thrilled that The Manifest labeled us as one of the top legacy modernization services for 2020!

A Brief Summary

The Manifest is the world’s leading source for B2B ratings and reviews. It has the resources for you as you seek to find a qualified legacy modernization company as it showcases leading providers across industries.

At the end of every year, The Manifest recognizes the best performing software development companies. It’s a great honor for us to be verified in The Manifest’s ratings and share this award with our clients!

We Measure Our Success by the Success of Our Clients

From healthcare to eCommerce, most of our clients have been engaged with us for more than 5 years. And we have a lot of work to do in the future! That’s why we appreciate all of the reviews provided by them on The Manifest!

Many people from the ModLogix team are also responsible for this reward. Developers are the driving force behind every single project. So let us tell you about some of the featured projects in depth.

Application Upgrade for eCommerce Platform Bunddler

Bunddler is an e-Commerce platform that helps people shop online in foreign countries through shopping assistants – small businesses that take care of the purchasing process. 

Inna Kovalenko, the director of product management and marketing at Bunddler Inc, a New York-based e-commerce platform, praised our custom software development as our team worked to upgrade portions of their old ASP.NET WebForms application to .NET Core MVC+Angular.

The review notes that thanks to the update that we at ModLogix completed, their company was able to improve its market position. Our company also got positive feedback regarding the project since its launch.

Application Upgrade for a Complex Healthcare SaaS Platform Approved Admissions

Approved Admissions is a SaaS-based platform for monitoring changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO insurance payers. It helps healthcare organizations prevent billing errors and reduces collection times. 

The director of business development at Approved Admissions LLC praised our modernization work for their SaaS Healthcare platform! 

In the review, it’s highlighted how our optimizations have decreased the cost per transaction significantly. Now, it’s easier to scale the platform, and the solution is more secure. The project was completed ahead of initial estimations.


This post is a way to gratitude all of our clients for their trust and support. ModLogix team keeps working diligently to be the best in our field as New York’s top B2B providers and legacy modernization services, according to The Manifest. 

If you want to join our ranks of satisfied customers or receive a consultation regarding your modernization project, please contact us today!

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