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Software Transformation

How we transform legacy software solutions into modern and reliable analogs.


Our Principles

While working on the projects, our software modernization team is always focused on delivering remarkable experience at every project milestone. And we deeply appreciate it when our clients assure us that this experience they would like to repeat.

is in our DNA

Our team is fully adjustable to the client’s needs and its company structure.

Staying on the
client’s side

We hear customers’ opinions and implement their ideas into the development process at any stage.

is above all

We believe that the best solutions come as a result of sincere communication.

Sticking to coding
best practices

Legacy code is a product of poor coding practices. And we are the ones who fight against it.


We help companies to make the most effective decisions regarding their business and modernization needs.



CEO at Langate and ModLogix by Langate


“Proud of our team of modernization experts. We can always translate any legacy issue into a modern solution.”


CEO at Langate and ModLogix by Langate

We Use

ModLogix, as a part of Langate Corp, has tremendous experience in delivering projects using the most modern methodologies like SCRUM, Kanban, Waterfall, etc.

More often, software modernization projects are guided by agile methodologies which allow shipping the updated solution incrementally without disrupting business processes.

you can either choose the methodology you prefer or delegate this decision to our experts.

Key Steps
of Our Process

What happens after you request a quote at ModLogix?

Well, firstly, you’ll get in touch with our enthusiastic sales manager that carefully listens to your questions and sets up a quick introductory call.

Then, depending on the cooperation model you want to proceed with, we will create an application modernization roadmap for your particular case.

This is how it looks like.

modernization roadmap

Detailed Process Map

Got Questions? Just Ask!

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss any questions or concerns.
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